Photo Stories

 "A photograph has the power to be more than just a visually attractive image.

It can immortalise a moment, freeze a memory and capture the essence of a location, character or culture.  It has the ability to ignite someone's imagination, transporting them to a moment, place or experience.  It may evoke a reaction, feeling or emotion.

It can tell a story."



the stories behind the photographs

the stories told by the photographs


Photographing Breaching Humpback Whales - Isle Sainte Marie, Madagascar

April 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Madagascar is a great location to sight humpback whales, providing a great opportunity to watch their spectacular displays of strength and behaviour. It was one of the highlights of my first trip to Madagascar in August, 2015. The rain that has been falling consistently all morning begins to lighten as a patch of blue sky tries to break through th...
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Photographing Brown Bears - Kainuu, Finland

April 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
A pine forest near the eastern border of Finland provides one of the best opportunities in Europe to watch and photograph brown bears in the wild. This is the story behind my first visit in May, 2015. “Welcome to your bear watching hide. Please step in and make yourself comfortable. And do not, under any circumstances, open the door until I return...
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