Kellie Netherwood Photography | ARCTIC - Svalbard (Winter)

A collection of images that showcase the variety of Arctic scenes I enjoyed on a photography expedition in Svalbard in March/April 2018.

It's a special time to explore the Arctic as the sun has returned, but having not yet reached it's polar summer heights, provides soft light for most of the day. And whilst the sun has returned, the winter landscape of snow and ice remains.

Wildlife is scarce, with a few bonus sightings of the region's permanent residents - the polar bear and walrus - but the environment is dominated by the desolate, unspoiled and dramatic landscape.
Arctic Landscape (Svalbard in Winter)Polar Bear - Arctic (Svalbard in Winter)Arctic Reflection (Svalbard in Winter)Arctic Sea Ice Formation (Svalbard in Winter)Arctic Sunburst (Svalbard in Winter)Arctic Landscape in Black & White (Svalbard in Winter)Walrus - Arctic (Svalbard in Winter)Polar Bear - Arctic (Svalbard in Winter)Winter Ice (Svalbard, Arctic)Winter Ice (Svalbard Arctic)MS Origo (Svalbard in Winter)Arctic Ice (Svalbard in Winter)Walrus in Snow (Svalbard in Winter)Polar Bear in Svalbard (Arctic Winter)Arctic Landscape (Svalbard in Winter)Winter Ice (Svalbard, ArcticArctic Sunrise (Svalbard in winter)Winter Ice (Svalbard, Arctic)Polar Bear in Snow (Svalbard in Winter)Arctic Ice (Svalbard in Winter)