Kellie Netherwood Photography | AFRICA - Ethiopia

Water Collection - Hamar TribeMasa at Bull Jumping Ceremony - Hamar TribeBull Jumping Ceremony - Hamar TribeMursi TribeWomen dancing at bull jumping ceremony - Hamar TribeWater collection at Keske River - Hamar TribeWomen at bull jumping ceremony - Hamar TribeMasa prepare for whipping at bull jumping ceremony - Hamar TribeKaro TribeSelf-scarification - Mursi TribeSunrise in the village - Mursi TribeVillage chief's wife - Mursi TribeVillage life - Mursi TribeCampfire - Mursi TribeLighting the fire - Hamar TribeLocal woman - Nyangatom TribeWoman - Nyangatom TribeVillage life - Nyangatom TribeCommunity - Nyangatom TribeLocal woman - Karo Tribe