Kellie Netherwood Photography | ASIA - Indonesia

With its striking and contrasting landscape of rice paddies, volcanic mountains and tropical beaches, Bali is an island full of postcard-perfect opportunities for travellers interested in hiking and water-sports, vibrant bars and laid-back cafes, lively markets, luxurious spas, temples and religious festivals, yoga, meditation and more.
For this reason it attracts travellers of varying ages, budgets and interests. But there is one thing most of them will agree on when they leave – that one of the highlights of a visit to Bali is the friendliness of the local people.
And although my first visit to Bali was limited to a weekend of three nights and two days, I agreed – the kind-natured and welcoming Balinese people was one of the most memorable features of my trip and the reason I hope to return to explore more of Bali with more time on my hands.