Kellie Netherwood Photography | Madagascar - Wildlife

Madagascar’s unique wildlife is arguably its biggest attraction, with most visitors heading to the island to see lemurs and chameleons. I was one of them in 2013 and yes, I was excited to see lemurs and chameleons, but was introduced to so much more.

It is home to more than 200,000 species of wildlife, the majority of which are endemic to the island. This includes more than 100 different types of lemur that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, 350 different frogs and around 370 different reptiles. Incredibly, new discoveries and classifications of wildlife are increasing this number each year.
Diademed Sifaka - Andasibe Reserve, MadagascarCoqueral Sifaka - MadagascarRed-fronted Brown Lemur - Isalo, MadagascarEastern Grey Bamboo Lemur - MadagascarDiademed Sifaka - Andasibe, MadagascarRed-fronted Brown Lemur - Isalo, MadagascarBlack & White Ruffed Lemur - MadagascarEastern Grey Bamboo LemurRing-Tailed Lemur - Anja, MadagascarLemur - MadagascarRing-Tailed Lemur - Anja, Madagascar (2)Ring-Tailed Lemur Family - Anja, MadagascarRing-Tailed Lemur - Anja, Madagascar (3)Ring-tailed Lemur & Baby - Anja, MadagascarRed-fronted Brown Lemur - Isalo, Madagascar (3)Ring-Tailed Lemur - Anja, Madagascar (4)Ring-Tailed Lemur - Isalo, MadagascarVerreaux's Sifaka - Zombitse, MadagascarCoqueral Sifaka - Madagascar (2)Black & White Ruffed Lemur - Madagascar (2)