The Story of the Lemur: Madagascar's Wildlife Star

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Black and White Ruffed Lemur, MadagascarBlack and White Ruffed Lemur, MadagascarBlack and White Ruffed Lemur, Madagascar "At first I think it’s the wind, merging into song with the trees of the rainforest. Then I hear it again: a sound in the distance, travelling invisibly through the forest towards me, an eerie yet beautiful wail.

I look around me, hoping to spot the source of the song, but my search is in vain. It’s a cry that can be heard up to 2km away.

It’s the call of the Indri, the largest species of lemur in the world and one of the main attractions on the island."

Indri lemur MadagascarIndri lemur MadagascarIndri lemur Madagascar

The Indri is one of more than 100 difference species of lemur in the world and – apart from a small introduced population on the Comoros Islands – Madagascar is the only place to see them in the wild.

With thousands of species of wildlife walking, crawling, hopping, sliding, jumping, swimming and flying around Madagascar, the claim of being the island’s main wildlife attraction is a competitive one.

But few could argue against the lemur’s popularity: studied by naturalists, photographed by wildlife enthusiasts, immortalised in books, films and documentaries and the main attraction for most visitors to the island.

lemur Madagascarlemur Madagascarlemur Madagascar

This is the story of the Lemur:

Lemur Facts Infographic – Learn about the endangered Malagasy species!



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